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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department

Committees and Commissions

The Land & Water Resources Department supports several county committees and commissions.  Committee and commission meeting dates, agendas, minutes and a list of current committee members are posted on Legistar.  To view details, select the appropriate committee and desired date from the dropdown menu options.  To view a list of committee members, click on the Committees tab, select the appropriate committee from the list, and click on the People tab.  


Environment, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee

Authority:  Chapter 7, Dane County Code of Ordinances
Responsibilities:  a standing committee of the County Board acts as the supervisory committee for UW Extension, the Land and Water Resources Department and the Lakes & Watershed Commission, and provides policy oversight for the Dane County Parks Commission, and the Dane County Food Council. The committee advises the county board on all matters relating to agriculture and the conservation of natural and environmental resources in Dane County.

Land Conservation Committee

Authority:  Chapter 92, Wisconsin State Statutes
Responsibilities:  approves county policy on land and water conservation issues and oversee county land conservation division staff.

Lakes and Watershed Commission

Authority:  Chapter 33, Wisconsin State Statutes
Responsibilities:  conducts or coordinates studies of local surface waters and groundwater, maintains liaisons with other public agencies involved in protecting or managing water resources, develops public information programs, and makes recommendations regarding water-related portions of the Dane County budget.

Park Commission

Authority:  Chapter 27, Wisconsin State Statutes
Responsibilities:  provides oversight and guidance on parks operations and maintenance, planning and development, and land acquisition.