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Submit a Permit or Plan

Digital submittals are preferred at this time, however hard copy submittals can be submitted to our office through the US mail.  Please note, there may be a delay in processing for submittals through the mail. Digital submittal instructions are listed below for:

  • Erosion, Shoreland and Stormwater Permits 
  • Manure StorageCertificates of Use and Winter Spreading Permits
  • Nutrient Management Plans

Permit fees should be mailed to our office or you can request an invoice to pay by credit card. Checks should be made out to “Dane County Treasurer."


Erosion, Shoreland and Stormwater Permits

Water Resource Engineering staff review Erosion Control & Shoreland Erosion Control, Shoreland Mitigation, and Stormwater Management Permits. Digital submittals for these permits can be submitted via:

Depending on the municipality in which your proposed project is located, you may need to also apply for one of the permits listed in the next section or with your local municipality. View this document for information on where to apply given your location: Where to Apply for a Permit (PDF)

Manure Storage, Certificates of Use and Winter Spreading Permits

Land Conservation staff review Manure Storage Permits (construction & closure), Manure Storage Certificates of Use, and Winter Spreading Permits. Annual updates for Winter Spreading Permits are due October 15th. Digital submittals for these permits can be submitted via:

Nutrient Management Plans

Land Conservation staff review Nutrient Management Plans. Annual updates are due June 1st. Digital submittals, including SNAP Plus databases, can be submitted via: