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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department

Do Your Part

There are many easy actions residents can take to help protect Dane County land and water resources. This page links to some easy programs and ideas to help you get involved and make a difference.

Climate Change

Individuals, businesses and communities can all take actions to be part of our climate solution. Learn what you can do, share a success story, or read about success stories in our community on the Dane County Office of Energy and Climage Change website.


Stormwater and Water Quality

There are many practices that reduce and improve stormwater runoff into Dane County lakes, rivers and streams. Explore the Ripple Effects website (click on button below) to learn how you can take action to protect Dane County Waters. Some actions include:

  • Adding native plants to your yard
  • Creating a rain garden
  • Removing leaves from the street before it rains
  • Using the right amount of salt